Why Unregrettable?


Why Unregrettable? What made me choose that name for this little space on the world wide web? What does it mean to be unregrettable? How do we live in such a way that every moment is unregrettable?

Well, what does the word even mean? According to Dictionary.com, the word doesn’t even exist. Nevertheless, the meaning is still there, even if the Internet doesn’t think so. So diving deep into the wealth: for me, unregrettable means things and actions that create fond and happy memories, and nothing which causes me to look back on my history with sadness or regret. It means going the extra mile now, and then in the future being able to smile and be at peace. It means carrying out profitable actions that lead to and result in blessings further down life’s road. It means getting up an extra hour to spend more time writing, reading, or praying. It means putting forth every ounce of your energy into the work at hand. It means writing that letter, drawing that bit of inspiration, painting that wall, meeting that person just to chat. It means investing time and money into actions and people that bless you in the years ahead.

Here on this blog, you’ll find Scriptural encouragement and some pretty photos. I hope you enjoy.


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